Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My New Set Up From

So just wanted to update you all on some photos I have been taking of my jewelry, I think natural light is always key. Another really important key to a successful shoot of any kind is to have a clean non complicated background.  I want to start doing some photo shoots with models wearing my jewels and needed to get something to look professional.

So I got a regular no fuss, non wrinkling cotton back drop cloth, I use it with my portable screen holder but it can be used by itself.  It saves the trouble of holding objects or rigging pieces of white paper behind your jewelry. Time saving too because you always get the shot you need, because this is so fast and easy to use! Its good to have at events or craft shows, can be hung to create privacy.  can be used with a projector to watch movies! Very versatile and easy to clean.  Machine washable. So if your looking for more cohesive look just try this product from

Monday, July 8, 2013


 My New Portable Screen Backdrop!!

So I got this awesome backdrop at  THELASHOP.COM  and it was really easy to put together everything just fit together easily and this particular item was very light but very sturdy.  This is perfect for people like me who are through "Rigging" equipment up for that perfect flawless shot.  Although I am still learning how to take really great pics of my work, this made it simpler and easier. I like the fact that I am able to have large displays and not worry about cropping everything else out of the sides.  It is able to be adjusted to any height needed just with the click and snap! I always wanted to be able to take photos of people wearing my jewelry but hate that whole stand up against the wall routine, so this is so much better and the back round can be changed out and has a capacity of being 10 ft tall for super large projects. THELASHOP.COM I will be updating some of my pics now that I have this handy tool in my arsenal lol
                       This shop has everything photography related and so much more!!!!


 New Jewelry Coming Soon !!!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There is lots going on, many ups and downs.  We still love our rural NJ setting, it's fun getting to know a new places.  My husband has found work as a technician. He was always really good working on cars he always knew what wires connected to what and how to hook stuff up  so he now found a job that he loves where he is valued and respected which was is so important.... I am happy for him and we have family dinner every night and he is home by 6 sometimes on early days 4!!!! That was one of the reasons we moved, his previous job left him miserable and that led to conflict between us and then of course some family interlopers did not help, along with a new baby.  It wasn't a good time for us... I tell it like it is because life is real and sometimes we have to face the storms, I feel if I tell you how happy I am alone it wouldn't feel authentic to me!!!! I would feel like a bobble headed fluzy telling you about all about the airy fairy cream puffs of my life that is art and jewelry but then not tell you that I too hurt and cry and act like a maniac sometimes, No that would not be ME.  I lost about 30 pds of baby weight and it just fell off and took my ass with it lol I am happy about the weight loss that really wasn't that hard because now the baby is 19 months so I'm always up I'm so surprised that I'm not 100 pds lol still have a long way to go but I will get it done. I have always been on the healthier side lol I am now a stay at home mom, I have been trying to find something pt, working on the house, its looking good.  All I need now is curtains and to pick a paint colors, the place was a flat white in every room we wanted to live with it a white but we couldn't because it feels cold.  We want warmth especially here where it it snows allot and is foggy often.  We got an antique propane fireplace, I cant use it because there is not a proper vent system in place so in its metal firebox I shall put my sparkling flame less candles.  I always wanted a fireplace especially for the holidays and now I have one!!!! There is nothing exciting going on, I am really just trying to get everything in order and just taking it a day at a time. More fun jewels when  have my art stuff in order.  Bye for now :) This is a pic I took before Isabella was born!!!! My hair is dark now and my eyebrows are thicker, so I think Im going back to blond highlights and thinning the brows..... Wow how everything changes after a baby and being a stay at home Mom makes me feel like I still am not fully me anymore.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks to all who stop by my little blog. Lots of changes. The first is that we have finally moved to our Dream location. We are in Northern NJ!!!!! We have a place and jobs all within 2 months!!!! We just made it happen, we didn't want to be victims held down by circumstance.  I was getting very sick both physically and mentally so we had to do something to change.  I have a really nervous stomach and I was throwing up everyday over stress and anxiety. I feel so good now and I will feel better when everything is done in the house. Our apartment is really cute it has a really nice big kitchen, green vintage stove and the bathroom is turquoise, one of my fav colors!  The living room is a good size for what we want which is a large denim sofa, love seat, chair set we saw and loved. I think they were from the Cindy Crawford collection.  Anyways, I am really happy in my new place, just that it needs TLC and cleaning lots of cleaning. Other than that, I have been just getting things together. I recently did well with some jewelry that I sold so I'm going to try to get more sales......... fingers crossed :)  Being in Northern Jersey we see deers and bears lol I took a drive and got nauseous that's how curvy the roads are here.  There are cutest antique shops here and my creative home designer juices are  flowing.  We are starting over and we feel happy. I will be creating more which is what I always wanted to fulfil my reason for being here, besides trying to be the best mom I could be.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My daughter is already 1!!!!! Time has flown by!!! Having a big party this weekend. My hubby is making all the grillin goods. He makes his own rib rub which is outrageous and I will be making rice and a lovely pasta salad. A few of my people are going to bring some foods like potatoes and chick pea salads and yummy stuff like that. Anyways we had some bad flooding in our basement and I was so tired from cleaning that I'm just going to relax and do things at my pace. Here is my angel laughing and saying OH! She loves saying OH and OOOHHH its really cute :) Anyways off to do some more!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Jewels

These are just so fabulous.... If you want your a pair just tell me or I can customize something for you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When I went to Michael's and saw this new section in the store that has fabulous crown pendants and cute little dolls and sodered pendants I was overjoyed inside.......... someone else gets it.  Amy Labbe AMY'S ART she gets it! Now
I came home with my little girly spoon pendant, my hubby did raise eyebrows and say  Umm is that a little doll head to which I said YES its a little Charlotte.... he raised the eyebrows again and said oh is that a spoon..... Yes isnt it Sweet lol yeah so he thinks I'm insane!!!! I was thrilled and have some beads that I am going to make for it. I usually don't get my beads and stuff from Michael's but i have to say I want more of Amy's cute pendants one says Moms Rock with wings and bling! I like Susan's Industrial Chic SUSAN'S ART  very much too, two different but awesome styles.  Susan had some awesome metal heart charms and these super big and sparkly pendants one looked like something Einstein invented, that is cool.. I realized even my style was a unique when I decided to put Barbie accessories with Tourmaline and rhinestones for a flea market...... I sold them all so i guess people get it! i think people want jewelry that is one of a kind more so than ever.  Some of the other beads are okay, I like my sources better lol and I prefer antique beads and that sort of stuff.  In the pic that ultra silvery blingy is a necklace that I got for a steal and now I'm going to use it to make a pair of earrings for my sis and myself...... A far as jewelry I LOVE earrings the most so the earrings I make sometimes are ridiculously blingy in a good way :)

Friday, August 10, 2012


Here are some new earring designs that I have created.  This is an original design using my beautiful glass beads again.  I am offering these as a special at $30 you know sometimes a pair of glass beads can be that price.  You are not limited to just these glass beads, just tell me what colors you want and I will make you a custom pair! No Addtional fees! You want a something a bit different and still in style yet classic..... These are for you, I have not seen this style anywhere else. Making glass beads is definitely fun, most of my originals were made before Isabella was born because now her name is Isabella Jumping Bean!  BUT I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS TO MAKE MORE BEADS!!! I have designed so many more styles and colors  and different techniques. Next will be glass beads that look like they were rolled in stardust and gorgeous pink flowers with pink zircons that sparkle bling bling  I like to use the trends these days but add my own twist.

New Glass Charm Bracelets

These beauties are for sale, just contact me if you want one. I take Paypal so its easy. More descriptions here  Eventually these will go onto my Etsy shop.  They are $150 They are made up of the finest materials including my handmade glass beads.  I added charms and all sorts of goodies to them. These are my own designer beads that I had made from my own original designs.  I use murano glass and dichroic, moretti,vetrafond lattice ( and sometimes crazy things that I like to add to my glass beads like glass glitter and metal frit ) just like all the Big Boys like PANDORA and others for a fraction of the price but double the imagination.  I started making my own charms years ago and was one of the first to incorporate this concept onto upscale style jewelry like my charm bracelets.

1.  Safari Love

2. Dreamer Love

3. Ballon Love  SOLD

4. Beachy Love

5. Shabby Love

Monday, August 6, 2012

Creating New Earring Line

Don't You Love These! Marie Antoinette Earrings $55 Cystals,fluorite 3mm roundels
pewter cupcake charm, carriage charm, sparkly crown, and a beautiful and detailed Marie stands waiting to be taken home to add something amazing to your own style.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nothing But My Happy Life Going On

We have just been living life and drinking iced teas, nothing artsy going on for now. Isabella is turning 1 years old already, it's going to be wonderful, it's going to be lots goodies and hors d overs, that my mom and my aunt are going to make and I'm going to make something also and get cupcakes trying to do this sort of fabulousness on a budget isn't easy but with the help of good family it's all good. Some of you don't know this but my husband is no longer working due to some physical not being able to walk properly, because of the amount of work he had to do,even his hip joints hurt, and tring to get him to a doctor isn't the easiest thing. So times are tough for us right now, but who isn't affected by something. On a good note, my hubby is at home with his family and is much happier. So that's about it more to come soon.  We are trying to get the show on the road and do more flea markets! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi so its a summer heat wave and here I am eating ice cream, no I don't feel guilty.  This is life and I want to enjoy mine!  I started updating my shop, because lately I have my mom who watches the baby for a few hours once a week and that really helps.  I try to finish up my jewels, send out things that need to be sent and basically just pull it all together on ETSY.  I just love to be here with my family just chillin in the backyard and bbq's and Isabella in the water, splashing and happy. Summers are magical  My husband also has started his home based business and is so much happier............More family time is good.  So that is about all, we are painting the whole house again because Martha Stewart paint sucks!!!!!!!!!! We thought with her name it would be awesome but surprisingly NO! So we're going to go with the tried and true Benjamin Moore, in the same colors! Bad Martha I wish we could get a refund but its been too long now..........I guess you live and learn.  Isabella's first bithday is coming up and I will be making a party for her at the house, I got the coolest invitations fo like $1.00 for 8 at Michaels!!!!!!!!!!!  They're Ed Hardy and cool with the pinks and the greens perfect for summer and who can beat that price.  This Fall I wat to go full steam with my new lne of furniture that I will be painting,  I did a few things around the house that needed a facelift and they lok great! I am even going to shabby chic up my banister and crackle it with aqua and cream coors sort of like the backround that I use to take pics, which was a reg board from Home Depot that me and Chris just painted and crackled. it looks so good I almost want to crackle everything! But overkill is not good either.  So I will post pics at a later time on the furniture that I am painting.  By the way my inspiration comes from those fabulous Junk Gypsyies,  they are famous now, but I knew about that fo a while and love their new tv show.  Here is their link, 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hey Artsy Ladies, 

Hope y'all are enjoying the summer and relaxing and taking it easy.  So I have been up to allot, making jewelry so check out my ETSY for new jewels.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Awesome Etsy Shop Nottoto

These are some of the gorgeous earrings I am making now!

I almost wanted to keep this lady's shop info all to myself, but I couldn't because she was so patient and kind to me, and you all know I can be sort of a picky pain when it comes to what I want LOL :) Here is Anne's shop
Nottoto She has all types of findings,jump rings,tools................ Pretty much everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here are the finished dolls. I got this stamp years back and it was kinda............... well not kind of, it was expensive at least for me, especially at that time, but I am so glad I got it and it's larger sister.  It has taken me a while to play with it but the things you can do are limitless.  Some would say that making paper dolls is stupid but I don't care it keeps me from going insane and it brings me joy. So don't poo poo on my parade :) Of course I am not talking to my art friends who understand that playing with paint does something for the soul

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Neon! Yay Neon! These colors are back in again I see them everywhere now from clothes to housewares! I always was a fan of splatter art so I can't wait to do some more of that with these awesome neon colors. So anywho, these are going to be very simple and beautiful paper doll magnets. The arms and legs will move and sway and just add a pop of color and happiness to my fridge and I needed some magnets so I wanted to make my own. They are tedious to cut out but I think it is worth it because the dolls are cute and I am able to stop and start cutting often which is great with a baby even one as angelic as Isabella Rose. The next set of 6, will be shabby chic ones in soft beautiful colors.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rose Garden/Lily Collection
This weekend will be fun filled with good eats and family around us :) I can't wait for that! We may be one step closer to our Dream Move if you read me I talk about moving allot................. it is hard these days to find jobs and for me my job is watching my baby love. The weather has been so dreary I haven't been able to take any pics of my new stuff. I have to get my stuff together. I have to list more of my beautiful beads that I had made with gorgeous dichroic and flowers. The look I was going for was all things I love which is shabby beautiful. You can really do so many things with the beautiful beads! I have recently started making charm bracelets with the beads and brought them to an event where I received such positive feedback and they all sold! So I will have to be like a little night elf and work late or early in the morning to get anything done. I think now that Isabella has hit 6 months things have settled here and she sleeps through the night most nights anyway so I can come out and play perhaps a bit more now. I will add new things soon I'm thinking this Sunday night. I have some amazing earrings to show you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello All! Yes I am back...........Like anyone cares LOL Isabella is 6 months now and she is doing wonderfully and has started eating cereals and is so darn beautiful and tall! She has to wear stuff for 9 months old babes! I have done some flea markets and have done well, it is really hard to do art related stuff because Baby needs so much of me right now. My Love is really active and she is one of those babes who wants to be constantly entertained she is almost talking and she says Dada already and crawls so I have my hands full. But I believe a happy Mommy means a happy family so I still do make some time here and there and We All LOVE LOVE music and dance LOL so what man I dance with my baby LOL and I love it !!!! LOL She is my daughter but she's also like my little partner in crime. I am totally enamored of Isabella. This tiny little person has filled up my heart so much. Sorry for the mush fest but if you have kids you get it if you don't maybe one day you will.
I have been itching to make some new art like children inspired wooden letters and boxes and picture frames. I went to my craft store and fell in love with these little monsters and robots so that will be what will be new for me..... Oh also little cute animals!
Here is a gift I made for my new niece Adrianna, my sister did her new baby's room in an animal friends theme and her room is a lavender so I thought it would be pretty hung on her white door. Hopefully more to come soon. When I do my flea markets on a more regular basis it will be at

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Halloween Pumpkin

I don't care what anyone says I love Cetaphil moisturizer! I used to use it and now I am back. Since I am older my skin really needs moisture and this goes into the skin and is absorbed I repeat there is no oily residue and your skin absorbs this moisturizer .................... unlike others where I had to wash it off before I put my makeup on so whats the point of that if your skin is going to feel awful!
I am a new mom and really have NO time so in the am I wash the face with some coldish water to wake myself up and slather on the Cetaphil and go tend to baby. In the middle of the day I will add a shimmery lipgloss just to feel in touch with my pretty side, after changing diapers I need a reminder. I like my hair back and that's just because it is convenient and neat and How dumb would that be if baby is spitting up to have my long curly locks in vomit, No Thanks! LOL

Friday, October 14, 2011

We all went to Jersey for the weekend to see my sis in law and nieces and had a great time! We did a bit of scouting out the area and realized that the area is pretty rural and we love that! There are fabulous stores and I went and got Baby Girl more cute stuff, of course. The weather was beautiful and the sunset was so pretty it made me long to be there and finally at that moment when I saw the mountains with those gorgeous pink and red colors that painted the sky, I felt like I was Home. It is a feeling that I have not felt for a long time, and it felt comforting and safe. I want Isabella to always have that feeling and not search so long for it like we have.
My 10wk old had a messy mess so I went upstairs to get another snuggly pajama and this is how I found her! She rolled over already!!!!!!!!!! Now she wants to crawl and gets so annoyed when she is trying but does not move
I actually bought myself 3 pairs of amazing jeans from the Lane Bryant, where they were so helpful because after having Izzy I had no jeans in my closet and had no idea of what size I would be anyway. So now I have super cute jeans in my perfect size and shape and it only took me trying on like 10 pairs of jeans! I got a haircut and feel so much better!

If you are curvy like me, go to and get yourself a pair of jeans! I had a coupon and got 3 pairs for less than $60.00!!!!

Lucky me!

Another fav of mine is Burt'sBees for natural stuff like lotions and feet cremes and chap stick and now super shiny lip gloss! They are great I love the red! So light and pretty but still sassy ..........I like my cheeks and lips to have color when I wear makeup because I like to look living. I hate nudes or the lipsticks that look like concealers, beiges on lips is tres tacky

Friday, September 30, 2011

So my birthday has passed and it was an exciting day LOL I was scheduled to go to court that day and Thank God all I had to pay was a fine! My dad payed my fines and that was the best Bday gift ever :) We then all went to dinner and it was really nice, but I can't go out to eat anymore without getting sick, which sucks! I am not sure why my stomach is sooo sensitive these days. I am happy with my body even though it has gone to war, pregnancy really is war on the body because EVERYTHING is affected. I think my body is wonderful because it was strong and healthy and brought a beautiful child into this world. I think all women should think of their bodies in that way and maybe they would not be so hard on themselves. Like your body has a purpose babe so love it for that reason alone. We took Isabella out over the weekend too and we had so much fun visiting. I went shopping and got her so many cute little ruffle and lace dresses and a snow suit to keep her warm in winter. They're are so many things that I can't wait for us to do together! I already have paints for her and lots of papers when she is ready to paint. I know, I know that won't be for a while!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jersey Bound?

Look at how cute this outfit is!
Who the heck knows what will be. We decided to move to New Jersey because we want to be in an area that is beautiful and closer to my husbands family in Netcong, who are really wonderful and supportive especially with Isabella! There are other reasons we want to move, we want more positives in our life. A happy mommy and daddy equals a happy family. I have been journaling to Izzy and am trying to put together something pretty with all her pics. I feel with the move I will be in a better place mentally and will be able to more easily concentrate on getting my jewelry business up and running again because I am drowning in sparkling earrings because I am obsessed with well Was with making jewelry. I say Was because I really haven't been able to make hardly anything with Izzy here LOL I know when you are in a happy place mentally you can be more productive.
I like to journal and to blog it helps me air out my head. That's all for now...

Monday, September 12, 2011

What a wild ride this thing called parenthood is. I want to do basic things and just can't find the time or am just too tired. Hobbies are not for parents with newborns LOL
I am thinking of doing a trunk show for the Christmas Holidays, I don't know if I can manage that, because I would like to really make new things and put together a gorgeous display but I am not sure I can pull this off just yet. I mean so far in this whole month Whoowhooo I made one pair of earrings LOL I work for Isabella now, :) so she is #1 in my world. I saw a beautiful mixed media painting of a mother and daughter with the words
"The strength of my love for you. After all your the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside"
I was very emotional about this because those words only hit the tip of the iceberg so to speak when you talk about a mother's love for her child.
Anyways now I am trying to get back to a healthy weight, but because it will be easier for me to run after my Bella. I feel good in my body now I am content and feel OK about being me. They're just so many more important things in life to worry about than a few extra is more about how I feel now. I want to treat myself better. After all, I see how I treat my Bella, and I look in the mirror and look like Hurricane Michele LOL but I feel good at least but I would like that to match on the outside so people stop telling me I look sooo tired....Yikes!