Friday, August 10, 2012


Here are some new earring designs that I have created.  This is an original design using my beautiful glass beads again.  I am offering these as a special at $30 you know sometimes a pair of glass beads can be that price.  You are not limited to just these glass beads, just tell me what colors you want and I will make you a custom pair! No Addtional fees! You want a something a bit different and still in style yet classic..... These are for you, I have not seen this style anywhere else. Making glass beads is definitely fun, most of my originals were made before Isabella was born because now her name is Isabella Jumping Bean!  BUT I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS TO MAKE MORE BEADS!!! I have designed so many more styles and colors  and different techniques. Next will be glass beads that look like they were rolled in stardust and gorgeous pink flowers with pink zircons that sparkle bling bling  I like to use the trends these days but add my own twist.

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