Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi so its a summer heat wave and here I am eating ice cream, no I don't feel guilty.  This is life and I want to enjoy mine!  I started updating my shop, because lately I have my mom who watches the baby for a few hours once a week and that really helps.  I try to finish up my jewels, send out things that need to be sent and basically just pull it all together on ETSY.  I just love to be here with my family just chillin in the backyard and bbq's and Isabella in the water, splashing and happy. Summers are magical  My husband also has started his home based business and is so much happier............More family time is good.  So that is about all, we are painting the whole house again because Martha Stewart paint sucks!!!!!!!!!! We thought with her name it would be awesome but surprisingly NO! So we're going to go with the tried and true Benjamin Moore, in the same colors! Bad Martha I wish we could get a refund but its been too long now..........I guess you live and learn.  Isabella's first bithday is coming up and I will be making a party for her at the house, I got the coolest invitations fo like $1.00 for 8 at Michaels!!!!!!!!!!!  They're Ed Hardy and cool with the pinks and the greens perfect for summer and who can beat that price.  This Fall I wat to go full steam with my new lne of furniture that I will be painting,  I did a few things around the house that needed a facelift and they lok great! I am even going to shabby chic up my banister and crackle it with aqua and cream coors sort of like the backround that I use to take pics, which was a reg board from Home Depot that me and Chris just painted and crackled. it looks so good I almost want to crackle everything! But overkill is not good either.  So I will post pics at a later time on the furniture that I am painting.  By the way my inspiration comes from those fabulous Junk Gypsyies,  they are famous now, but I knew about that fo a while and love their new tv show.  Here is their link, 

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