Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello All! Yes I am back...........Like anyone cares LOL Isabella is 6 months now and she is doing wonderfully and has started eating cereals and is so darn beautiful and tall! She has to wear stuff for 9 months old babes! I have done some flea markets and have done well, it is really hard to do art related stuff because Baby needs so much of me right now. My Love is really active and she is one of those babes who wants to be constantly entertained she is almost talking and she says Dada already and crawls so I have my hands full. But I believe a happy Mommy means a happy family so I still do make some time here and there and We All LOVE LOVE music and dance LOL so what man I dance with my baby LOL and I love it !!!! LOL She is my daughter but she's also like my little partner in crime. I am totally enamored of Isabella. This tiny little person has filled up my heart so much. Sorry for the mush fest but if you have kids you get it if you don't maybe one day you will.
I have been itching to make some new art like children inspired wooden letters and boxes and picture frames. I went to my craft store and fell in love with these little monsters and robots so that will be what will be new for me..... Oh also little cute animals!
Here is a gift I made for my new niece Adrianna, my sister did her new baby's room in an animal friends theme and her room is a lavender so I thought it would be pretty hung on her white door. Hopefully more to come soon. When I do my flea markets on a more regular basis it will be at

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