Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks to all who stop by my little blog. Lots of changes. The first is that we have finally moved to our Dream location. We are in Northern NJ!!!!! We have a place and jobs all within 2 months!!!! We just made it happen, we didn't want to be victims held down by circumstance.  I was getting very sick both physically and mentally so we had to do something to change.  I have a really nervous stomach and I was throwing up everyday over stress and anxiety. I feel so good now and I will feel better when everything is done in the house. Our apartment is really cute it has a really nice big kitchen, green vintage stove and the bathroom is turquoise, one of my fav colors!  The living room is a good size for what we want which is a large denim sofa, love seat, chair set we saw and loved. I think they were from the Cindy Crawford collection.  Anyways, I am really happy in my new place, just that it needs TLC and cleaning lots of cleaning. Other than that, I have been just getting things together. I recently did well with some jewelry that I sold so I'm going to try to get more sales......... fingers crossed :)  Being in Northern Jersey we see deers and bears lol I took a drive and got nauseous that's how curvy the roads are here.  There are cutest antique shops here and my creative home designer juices are  flowing.  We are starting over and we feel happy. I will be creating more which is what I always wanted to fulfil my reason for being here, besides trying to be the best mom I could be.

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