Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My New Set Up From

So just wanted to update you all on some photos I have been taking of my jewelry, I think natural light is always key. Another really important key to a successful shoot of any kind is to have a clean non complicated background.  I want to start doing some photo shoots with models wearing my jewels and needed to get something to look professional.

So I got a regular no fuss, non wrinkling cotton back drop cloth, I use it with my portable screen holder but it can be used by itself.  It saves the trouble of holding objects or rigging pieces of white paper behind your jewelry. Time saving too because you always get the shot you need, because this is so fast and easy to use! Its good to have at events or craft shows, can be hung to create privacy.  can be used with a projector to watch movies! Very versatile and easy to clean.  Machine washable. So if your looking for more cohesive look just try this product from

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