Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When I went to Michael's and saw this new section in the store that has fabulous crown pendants and cute little dolls and sodered pendants I was overjoyed inside.......... someone else gets it.  Amy Labbe AMY'S ART she gets it! Now
I came home with my little girly spoon pendant, my hubby did raise eyebrows and say  Umm is that a little doll head to which I said YES its a little Charlotte.... he raised the eyebrows again and said oh is that a spoon..... Yes isnt it Sweet lol yeah so he thinks I'm insane!!!! I was thrilled and have some beads that I am going to make for it. I usually don't get my beads and stuff from Michael's but i have to say I want more of Amy's cute pendants one says Moms Rock with wings and bling! I like Susan's Industrial Chic SUSAN'S ART  very much too, two different but awesome styles.  Susan had some awesome metal heart charms and these super big and sparkly pendants one looked like something Einstein invented, that is cool.. I realized even my style was a unique when I decided to put Barbie accessories with Tourmaline and rhinestones for a flea market...... I sold them all so i guess people get it! i think people want jewelry that is one of a kind more so than ever.  Some of the other beads are okay, I like my sources better lol and I prefer antique beads and that sort of stuff.  In the pic that ultra silvery blingy is a necklace that I got for a steal and now I'm going to use it to make a pair of earrings for my sis and myself...... A far as jewelry I LOVE earrings the most so the earrings I make sometimes are ridiculously blingy in a good way :)

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