Friday, August 10, 2012

New Glass Charm Bracelets

These beauties are for sale, just contact me if you want one. I take Paypal so its easy. More descriptions here  Eventually these will go onto my Etsy shop.  They are $150 They are made up of the finest materials including my handmade glass beads.  I added charms and all sorts of goodies to them. These are my own designer beads that I had made from my own original designs.  I use murano glass and dichroic, moretti,vetrafond lattice ( and sometimes crazy things that I like to add to my glass beads like glass glitter and metal frit ) just like all the Big Boys like PANDORA and others for a fraction of the price but double the imagination.  I started making my own charms years ago and was one of the first to incorporate this concept onto upscale style jewelry like my charm bracelets.

1.  Safari Love

2. Dreamer Love

3. Ballon Love  SOLD

4. Beachy Love

5. Shabby Love

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