Friday, October 14, 2011

We all went to Jersey for the weekend to see my sis in law and nieces and had a great time! We did a bit of scouting out the area and realized that the area is pretty rural and we love that! There are fabulous stores and I went and got Baby Girl more cute stuff, of course. The weather was beautiful and the sunset was so pretty it made me long to be there and finally at that moment when I saw the mountains with those gorgeous pink and red colors that painted the sky, I felt like I was Home. It is a feeling that I have not felt for a long time, and it felt comforting and safe. I want Isabella to always have that feeling and not search so long for it like we have.
My 10wk old had a messy mess so I went upstairs to get another snuggly pajama and this is how I found her! She rolled over already!!!!!!!!!! Now she wants to crawl and gets so annoyed when she is trying but does not move
I actually bought myself 3 pairs of amazing jeans from the Lane Bryant, where they were so helpful because after having Izzy I had no jeans in my closet and had no idea of what size I would be anyway. So now I have super cute jeans in my perfect size and shape and it only took me trying on like 10 pairs of jeans! I got a haircut and feel so much better!

If you are curvy like me, go to and get yourself a pair of jeans! I had a coupon and got 3 pairs for less than $60.00!!!!

Lucky me!

Another fav of mine is Burt'sBees for natural stuff like lotions and feet cremes and chap stick and now super shiny lip gloss! They are great I love the red! So light and pretty but still sassy ..........I like my cheeks and lips to have color when I wear makeup because I like to look living. I hate nudes or the lipsticks that look like concealers, beiges on lips is tres tacky

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