Friday, March 2, 2012

Rose Garden/Lily Collection
This weekend will be fun filled with good eats and family around us :) I can't wait for that! We may be one step closer to our Dream Move if you read me I talk about moving allot................. it is hard these days to find jobs and for me my job is watching my baby love. The weather has been so dreary I haven't been able to take any pics of my new stuff. I have to get my stuff together. I have to list more of my beautiful beads that I had made with gorgeous dichroic and flowers. The look I was going for was all things I love which is shabby beautiful. You can really do so many things with the beautiful beads! I have recently started making charm bracelets with the beads and brought them to an event where I received such positive feedback and they all sold! So I will have to be like a little night elf and work late or early in the morning to get anything done. I think now that Isabella has hit 6 months things have settled here and she sleeps through the night most nights anyway so I can come out and play perhaps a bit more now. I will add new things soon I'm thinking this Sunday night. I have some amazing earrings to show you!

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