Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There is lots going on, many ups and downs.  We still love our rural NJ setting, it's fun getting to know a new places.  My husband has found work as a technician. He was always really good working on cars he always knew what wires connected to what and how to hook stuff up  so he now found a job that he loves where he is valued and respected which was is so important.... I am happy for him and we have family dinner every night and he is home by 6 sometimes on early days 4!!!! That was one of the reasons we moved, his previous job left him miserable and that led to conflict between us and then of course some family interlopers did not help, along with a new baby.  It wasn't a good time for us... I tell it like it is because life is real and sometimes we have to face the storms, I feel if I tell you how happy I am alone it wouldn't feel authentic to me!!!! I would feel like a bobble headed fluzy telling you about all about the airy fairy cream puffs of my life that is art and jewelry but then not tell you that I too hurt and cry and act like a maniac sometimes, No that would not be ME.  I lost about 30 pds of baby weight and it just fell off and took my ass with it lol I am happy about the weight loss that really wasn't that hard because now the baby is 19 months so I'm always up I'm so surprised that I'm not 100 pds lol still have a long way to go but I will get it done. I have always been on the healthier side lol I am now a stay at home mom, I have been trying to find something pt, working on the house, its looking good.  All I need now is curtains and to pick a paint colors, the place was a flat white in every room we wanted to live with it a white but we couldn't because it feels cold.  We want warmth especially here where it it snows allot and is foggy often.  We got an antique propane fireplace, I cant use it because there is not a proper vent system in place so in its metal firebox I shall put my sparkling flame less candles.  I always wanted a fireplace especially for the holidays and now I have one!!!! There is nothing exciting going on, I am really just trying to get everything in order and just taking it a day at a time. More fun jewels when  have my art stuff in order.  Bye for now :) This is a pic I took before Isabella was born!!!! My hair is dark now and my eyebrows are thicker, so I think Im going back to blond highlights and thinning the brows..... Wow how everything changes after a baby and being a stay at home Mom makes me feel like I still am not fully me anymore.

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