Friday, November 4, 2011

I don't care what anyone says I love Cetaphil moisturizer! I used to use it and now I am back. Since I am older my skin really needs moisture and this goes into the skin and is absorbed I repeat there is no oily residue and your skin absorbs this moisturizer .................... unlike others where I had to wash it off before I put my makeup on so whats the point of that if your skin is going to feel awful!
I am a new mom and really have NO time so in the am I wash the face with some coldish water to wake myself up and slather on the Cetaphil and go tend to baby. In the middle of the day I will add a shimmery lipgloss just to feel in touch with my pretty side, after changing diapers I need a reminder. I like my hair back and that's just because it is convenient and neat and How dumb would that be if baby is spitting up to have my long curly locks in vomit, No Thanks! LOL

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