Friday, September 30, 2011

So my birthday has passed and it was an exciting day LOL I was scheduled to go to court that day and Thank God all I had to pay was a fine! My dad payed my fines and that was the best Bday gift ever :) We then all went to dinner and it was really nice, but I can't go out to eat anymore without getting sick, which sucks! I am not sure why my stomach is sooo sensitive these days. I am happy with my body even though it has gone to war, pregnancy really is war on the body because EVERYTHING is affected. I think my body is wonderful because it was strong and healthy and brought a beautiful child into this world. I think all women should think of their bodies in that way and maybe they would not be so hard on themselves. Like your body has a purpose babe so love it for that reason alone. We took Isabella out over the weekend too and we had so much fun visiting. I went shopping and got her so many cute little ruffle and lace dresses and a snow suit to keep her warm in winter. They're are so many things that I can't wait for us to do together! I already have paints for her and lots of papers when she is ready to paint. I know, I know that won't be for a while!

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