Monday, July 8, 2013


 My New Portable Screen Backdrop!!

So I got this awesome backdrop at  THELASHOP.COM  and it was really easy to put together everything just fit together easily and this particular item was very light but very sturdy.  This is perfect for people like me who are through "Rigging" equipment up for that perfect flawless shot.  Although I am still learning how to take really great pics of my work, this made it simpler and easier. I like the fact that I am able to have large displays and not worry about cropping everything else out of the sides.  It is able to be adjusted to any height needed just with the click and snap! I always wanted to be able to take photos of people wearing my jewelry but hate that whole stand up against the wall routine, so this is so much better and the back round can be changed out and has a capacity of being 10 ft tall for super large projects. THELASHOP.COM I will be updating some of my pics now that I have this handy tool in my arsenal lol
                       This shop has everything photography related and so much more!!!!


 New Jewelry Coming Soon !!!!


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