Monday, July 11, 2011

Isabella Arriving Soon & Art Talk

Yes I am about to POP literally in 2-3 weeks now, so I am officially sofa bound and truth be told I don't feel like doing anything. As I told you all before I get really bad pains and sciatica in my legs so they are like gumby legs. I do push through and still vacuum, clean and cook. It is frustrating to be limited and constantly going to the bathroom because you think you will burst and nothing happens.......... this is especially fun at night when I have just gotten semi comfortable on my 1,000 pillows and used a tetris style method to fill in the gaps so I don't feel any pressure and I have to get up. LOL............. The Joys of Motherhood :) I just can't wait to hold Izzy! I have everything ready for her. She'll be hanging with us for the first few months which will give us additional time to decorate her room. Her crib is so fabulous, a gift from my sister in law. It has curved lines and is shabby chic white with floral carvings. I will show ya when the room is done.
Anyways, I am staying really calm and making art with Suzi and jewelry with Deryn. I am very happy and love these little works of art that Suzi is making now in her new LA LA LA Class. I started making little paintings and have made a few cuties but Suzi's are over the top adorable. Check out her Petit Academy the link is on my sidebar, where she offers many wonderful classes.
I don't remember whose blog this idea was on but what a fabulous idea! I think they called it The Muffin Tin Challenge, I will try to find them again and let you all know. Simple but brilliant idea........If you have a muffin tin, just go through all your beads and pick all the findings and beads you would want to complete one full piece of jewelry and make it! It keeps everything neat and portable which is great for me, because I am all over the place. And you could have up to 12 pieces of finished jewelry when your done.

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