Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Showers & Family & False Alarms!

Me (I'm the one with the sparkly flower black shirt) with my sisters and my nephew Baby Lou
I thought Baby Isabella was coming in on arrival but it was a false alarm! Me and Chris went to the hospital where they did some tests and nothing happened! I was really disappointed! I mean of course I was happy with the good news that nothing had ruptured and the stream that escaped was normal for women especially so close to their due date. (Aug 6th)
Well I don't know why but in the car ride home I started to cry because I wanted to see my daughter sooo badly and I felt a huge void that she wasn't driving back home with us. Does that sound insane! I am trying to keep busy but my thoughts are with her always and I think this 2 weeks will be the longest in my life!
Also, I had another beautiful Baby Shower over the weekend with my Dad's side of the family at their house and had a wonderful time. Everyone got me the most adorable baby clothes ever! Pinks and little lace socks in purples. I even got my peg prego stroller and carrier in purple! The cake was so good.......... Strawberry Shortcake.
The food was excellent there was paille, quesadillas and baked ziti and all sorts of other yummies. It was really low key and I got a chance to relax and hang out with the family which was great. I really appreciated the fact that my step mom really put everything together so beautifully and I felt really loved. So it's all about the Love for me and It is nice :) Everyone is so excited that this baby is coming even my super cute nephew who just turned 1yr want to touch my belly and looks at it in awe. I am not sure he understands when I say that there is a beautiful baby in there like him that wants to come out but I know, he knows, something is going on with that big belly! And my other sister is about 3months pregnant too now, so all our kids are going to be like 1yr or less apart! :) LOL
I am really ready for this transition in my life and I feel like everything that I have done up to this point has paled in comparison to the joy and fulfillment that I feel now.
I really want to paint today let's see if that happens, my mom is coming over later to give me some TLC to my feet, which have not been seen by me in a while so they are horrible and I am really bloated now. More joys of pregnancy! LOL

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