Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Shower & Real Talk

My Baby Shower was wonderful! My mom had it for me at a local Italian place, where the food was amazing and they got one of my favorite cakes which is a Napoleon cake but since I love chocolate so much, my mom had them add a layer of chocolate inside and on top! I got so many baby things that I really have not bought anything for Isabella! I still have to get a cute little hat for her for when she gets home for the hospital, so her little head is protected from the sun.
She will be staying in our bedroom for the first few months and I am just so excited I almost, almost forgot the pain that goes with having a baby. I resolve this fact by telling myself that all the women I know, have gone through it and made it and even had gone on to have more children! I am happy with my doctor so I feel everything will be OK, I am just anxious since the time is getting really close.
I have like 4weeks to go! YAHOOOOOO I fantasize about sleeping for one whole day, I am not greedy just one day.............comfortably. How things change :) Since bending is virtually impossible and everything on the home front is pretty much done, I have been making jewelry like all day and I am really learning and improving. I am taking The Boho Earrings Class which so far is so fabulous and is rich with information. I am happy to take this class now to keep my mind off the various pains that I have, especially in my legs what the hell is up with that!? Everything just cramps up even my toes! Can't even drive because of that for obvious reasons a numb cramped leg isn't that great for safe driving...................... So I have really been home allot but it has been so hot so there is nothing that beats ice cream and air conditioning.
Anyways after Isabella has arrived me and the hubby will be going to sell my jewelry and beads at local venues again. I also have a few stores that just opened in my area, that I could sell my stuff on consignment at. I have many many things to sell and I love doing that in person because I get to meet new people and I love the atmosphere. I do well when ever I make any appearances, so I love being a Flea Market Girl, also they always have the most delicious food at Flea Markets............. which brings me to tell you we may be starting a whole new thing, by next summer, my husband is like a Grilling King and wants to bring his food to the public, he is an excellent cook as well. He loves feeding family & friends so it's something that he really is happy doing and people have started to tell him that he should try to do something with his tasty talents and bring it to a public venue. I'm in of course!
My whole pregnancy I gained only 15 pds, because it is good healthy foods that we eat. But not for anything he makes spare ribs that if you shake the rib once the meat just falls off the bone. He also started a veggie garden so now we have tomatoes, salad, squash and herbs galore. What beautiful salads we have made! I think my custodian husband is really a chef at heart.
You know in these hard times I think it pays to be creative, and an approach that is simple is key. Home skills like cooking, knitting, sewing, cleaning, taking care of children/elderly are all really marketable right now.
I was always able to make money "unconventionally" even though it is really difficult right now. I think it is now more common that people are trying to have home based business's since many people have lost their jobs and have to feed families so they learn real quick what else they can do and what they are good at to make money. Who wouldn't want to be their own boss and have food on the table and lights on while doing something they enjoy.
An example is all these talented artists who make their own online workshops. Some of them otherwise would not have any income or wouldn't be able to reach people to take their classes, but they learn how to use the computer to their advantage by doing videos and pdf's, marketing and so much more! They don't have to go anywhere but their living room if they so choose so I think that is............. Amazing! I love online workshops, my favorites are Suzi Blu, Tam Lamporte, Deryn Mentock. These are the pioneers who are paving the way at new type of "unconventional" jobs that DO make money, using their skills! So there it is, do what you love and don't think inside the box.

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