Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Jewelry Class!

I am going to put up some vintage rings like this one on ETSY soon!
Hope you like them:)
I really love all the jewelry that Deryn Mentock has made and I will be taking her new Boho earrings class, the link is to the right if you also want to check out The Boho Earrings class. This is why I love online workshops like hers because you can learn on your own time and you never have to brush your hair and go somewhere other than your living room lol. I have some time before baby so I wanted to take this class so I will have something fun to do while I am at home waiting. Anyways these earrings are awesome and I never took a jewelry class before and think its time.
I want to perfect my own techniques and learn more to make my own jewelry better. I started to make my own ear wires and that's pretty fun and gives all the jewels a more handmade unique feel. I want to learn to do MORE MORE MORE. We are waiting for our new camera, I can't wait to take pics of the new stuff I have been working on. The other camera is broken so that is why I haven't been able to put anything on Etsy in a while.

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