Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Stopping By And Thank You Artists

So I'm due soon and have had some stuff like an upper respiratory infection going on, which is still bringing me down a bit, but I have to say I am feeling okay, I just try to keep positive and keep it moving................. Very bad leg cramps and sciatica is the new thing but I still am so happy to be pregnant, just now I really can't wait till Isabella is out! July better be here before I know it! I have a few collaborations in the works, with my mom in regards to jewelry. I think I needed some new eyes on some projects that had collected around the studio. I found some great items at a local antique shop, I found a pretty silver cross, and two Mary pendants and a vintage rosary. The best part was everything was so reasonably priced! I also found a vintage necklace of white bone carved beads, so I can't wait to use those up. I think I am going to start selling my jewels and stuff here on my blog for now anyways, Etsy is way too involved for me right now and I have tons of great stuff to sell, so I want to have an Isabella Sale.
I also want to say THANKS to all my fellow artists who have kept me sane and inspired and wanting to create even in my funk.

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