Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling The Blaaas And Fantastical Stories

Going to the doctor tomorrow to try to get something for this awful cough I have, which I think is just from allergies, but I haven't slept for a few nights so I want to see what I can take that is Pregnant safe because everything I wanted to take of course was not recommended. So I have been just drinking hot teas with fresh lemon......At night and in the morning is the worst.
So off I go tomorrow.
Taking a break from the computer and tv for a little while, I just need some time to recenter myself and recapture some lost time.
I always wanted to write and illustrate children's books, so starting this project now, before baby arrives and while I am on the sofa resting seems like an ideal time. I already have my inspiration and a fantastical story in mind. I hope to perhaps publish it on my own and as a gift for my Isabella.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Rest well! I just got over the flu and am now having a hard time catching up. I love your illustration :)