Monday, May 9, 2011

I Dream Of Rose Gardens

What beautiful weather we are having. We have been busy taking care of home type stuff. This week major things are going on like painting the house. Working on the garden too, got some mulch and we are going to put lots of Roses with lattice and Peonies and my beloved Dalia's. Me and my husband love the country and the feel of an airy cottage, so despite the fact we live in the city we are trying to capture our own slice of heaven. Look at some Rose Garden Cottage Eye Candy, this gorgeous photo was also taken from this
Fabulous Blog by Katy Elliot
We decided to go with like an ocean shabby chic color palette with Martha Stewart paints. In my dining and living room which is one large open space will be a sand hue and in the kitchen will be a lovely blue turquoise. In our bedroom a beautiful delicate sea glass green and for our baby's room a soft blushing pink. I think it will look simply calming and stunning. I love decorating with soft silky fabrics and having lots of fresh flowers in the house. Seashells here and there are thrown in for an ocean washed look..........So pretty!

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