Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yes it is your favorite, silly, pregnant, hot wing eating artist chick just passing thru to say How You Doin :) Just cleaning out my art stuff as you know by now, LOL just a little OCD LOL...... and came across some Doll Parts like just arms and feet and the are kinda big not really big but to big to add to jewelry let's say. I have no idea what to do with them and they are porcelain and really cute but I want to do something with them so I don't look like a crazy lady with a box of arms, legs and feet. I'd rather be the lady with some type of cool glittered shabbified something made up of arms,legs, and feet, so at least I can say Wow look at how cool that is and I made it. So here in lies the dilemma my artistic inspiration goes on the fritz sometimes and right now it's like a full on hurricane of nothingness in the brain now, which was never my problem, my imagination was always my most prized possession, I would like to think that the little one inside is taking some of my magic and having a grand ol time in there, which is fine by me LOL
I found a fellow artists blog today that soooo inspired me, she also is a jewelry artist and paints and makes awesome altered dolls! I mean really Fabulous and glittery pretty dolls! I too made a wonderful little doll last year and loved the process as well as the functionality of the arms where I put some of my pretty earrings on. My doll was more retro but you really can make these wonderful dolls any way you please, this is why I love art! Check her out and look around she's got some really great stuff.
Her name is Lisa and this is her new blog

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