Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Amazing Art, made by my husband Chris, that he used Plexi Glass as a canvas to use acrylics on. I love the symbolic nature of this piece where he wanted to show the beauty but also the fragility of the state of our world today. He is awesome and I always try to make him do more art because he draws fantastically and paints pretty well as you can see. I swear Art Saves, he even says he feels peace when he is painting and don't we all deserve some peace.
Art Saves Hallelujah :)
Feeling frustrated today........... I feel like there is so much to do and my big belly just gets in the way. It is hard to get up off the couch, so forget about trying to organize stuff on high shelves not to mention it is dangerous.............. so I fret over the stuff I can't lift and give the hubby constant reminders of stuff he has to do on the weekend, yeah as you may imagine I am really popular right about now. So hopefully he will see this post and know how much I love him and how talented I think he is and he will be so overwhelmed with joyful enthusiasm that he will just do whatever I ask of him this weekend! Love you hunny.........
(Wink Wink)
Hard at work fixing the tools
By the way this Bachelor dude pisses me off he is sooo awkward or is it just me? I hope he chooses Emily, and really does find True Love. Pregnancy has made me succumb to the pressures of watching The Bachelor, not my usual shtick but entertaining to me now nonetheless. I just hope he picks Emily Darn It. LOL

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