Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Having some problems on EBAY!!! They changed the rules there so now we are in a pickle because we are not allowed to say Pandora Style Beads........ I and other artist Never Ever claimed to be affiliated with that company or any other, we all just did our own thing and offered options to this Mega company Pandora, and this is how we all came up in the searches because we put that out beads fit Pandora Bracelets and now we are not allowed to say that. Anyways we got suspended because we tried a different way to add that in the title and they SUSPENDED us for three days! LOL I feel like I am back in high school where I spent lots of time in the Principal's office. Oh well, now we had to go back and read the new policies and we decided to use KALO GLASS BEADS in our title so you all can find us like that on EBAY or on our website http://www.kalojewelry.com or Etsy, of course http://www.kaloglassbeads.etsy.com where we can say FITS PANDORA, PANDORA, PANDORA,PANDORA,TROLL,BIAGI BRACELETS!!!!! :)

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