Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tam's Healing Art Class

What an amazing class, and for FREE this wonderful artists Tam from has given to us! I am taking this class and I swear that this is one of the best classes to learn about making an adorable pretty face and Tam is like a magical Fairy Godmother that also gives you a healthy dose of affirmations in every lesson. She is like my own little bottle of happiness! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and just icky and so I made some time to watch Tam's videos and I was happily drawing away. Tam's technique for shading was a bit different and seemed easier for me to follow, I think it is because I am such a big fan of watercolor crayons and pencils and Voila! that is what Tam likes to use so it really showed me another possibility to add to my Art Arsenal :) I am hoping to take Tam's Fabulous Faces because I really am enjoying myself in her Art Healing Class, so come on by and join us. This is just something I was working on last night and I wanted to share it, I still have to color it in. I really LOVE to draw and play with colors. As I practice I will get better and that makes me excited to learn and continue on my art journey.

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