Monday, February 1, 2010

Whole Foods Is It The Best? And If So Why?
I started walking at night again, not for very long but I feel really good and want to keep doing it. I cleared my mind and it was so nice. Right now I am limiting my processed foods, as much as I can. I have been eating lots of vegetables, and This Saturday I am going to the infamous WHOLE FOODS, organic grocery store, I will slowly incorporate seasonal organic vegetables in my diet and the rest will have to be frozen. So I am thinking of picking up spinach and cabbage, carrots, zucchini, and a few potatoes. I can make a wonderful cabbage soups and I don't have to buy big amounts of this higher priced produce, or buy in bulk. Cost DOES matter to me but I will try to shop as smart and as healthy as my budget allows. I am also getting those tupperware sets, and start preparing my food at night. I will also report back on some prices on produce and other goodies. I never really went to Whole Foods so it is kind of like a whole new world for me, but I want to see these amazing results that everyone on an organic lifestyle claim to have found. I have looked in my fridge, and of course right now, there are things in there that aren't that great, so I want to get rid of that stuff too. My whole goal is to loose weight, but I realize it is so much more than just that! I want to have energy throughout my day, I want my skin to be more radiant. I want clarity and focus. I also will get some type of healthy chocolate like maybe some dark chocolate or something good that isn't bad for me. I also want to look for a healthy sugar substitute, for when I do indulge in my cappuccinos and rich hot chocolate..............I use Equal now, but I am sure there are more natural products I can use. On a good note, I think that the non processed foods will naturally have less sugar and additives so just that will get me on my way. My sugar sometimes goes so low and then I get dizzy and have to eat anything sweet to make myself feel better which are lots of empty calories. Also watch what you eat when you watch TV, I like to snack at this time too and I need a crunchy healthy snacks LOL and not raw veggies too much of that stuff makes me sick :) I think that for me I will prepare my meals a night before and tupperware them for the next day including three small but tasty and healthy snacks and maybe 4 small meals, I have to see what is going to work for me, I also do not want to be a slave to healthy living either, so if I can simplify and make my life easier. Right now, I am researching Organic Living, and the benifits, so I am reading and googling lots, and I will report back my findings.
There is also a recipe for buttered squash, we should broaden our food horizons and vary our grains,vegetables and fruits. Amira writes some really great articles on diet, exercise and eating healthy. These pics are from her blog.

This looks so good!

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