Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be The Change.........Even If You Take Babysteps

Whoa! I went to look for this book, and it is hard to get because so many are bidding on it which is good because people are interested and aware. The book is a tinge expensive at $24 S+H but I think it is worth it to have as a reference especially as these concepts and food choices are not really known by most people unless you a re a vegan or really living healthy already, in that case how lucky are you that are in the know! The rest of the world will catch up eventually :) I think it will be when women take over these corporations, I am by no means a man hater but women are so much more about the love and happiness aspect of things, in my opinion.................we all know there are exceptions to the rule Mommy Dearest but still, even on the Oprah show it was a women who was in the Big Biz of raising chickens blew the whistle allowing cameras inside to see just how deplorable the conditions that poor chickens endure....................she even said things have to change. I hope maybe people who can will take the steps needed to change for the better BABY STEPS! The journey of 1,000 miles begins with just one step (Confusious) Anyways if you don't have the cash for the book right now, like me, because I had to get some jewelry supplies :)you can still take a look online and see a few of the things you need. I am going to Baby step my way, and for a gal who DOES eat meat, occasionally I am choosing to buy grain fed meat so that once or twice a month when I do eat meat it will be more tasty and less fatty and lean and have no hormones and antibiotics that can have an adverse affect on me. I have been getting whole wheat pasta so that is a baby step change already. The milk I happen to like is full fat milk by Tuscons, it comes in the red container................Martha makes her cappuccinos with it because it is creamy and gets really foamy it's good for me. Find what is good for you!
Check out the list and more about what Oprah was saying on her eye opening show "Where does your food come from?"
The List
Follow Your Heart cheese
VegenaiseEarth Balance butter
Field Roast sausages
Tempeh bacon
Sunrise chocolate chips malt
Annie’s Naturals Goddess organic salad dressing
Brown rice penne pasta
Organic olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Gardein Chick’n Scallopini (meatless)
Amy’s Organics soups
Whole grain rice
Organic EdenBlend
Rice & Soy Beverage
Hemp milk
Leafy greens
Maple syrup as a sugar alternative
Rice Dream Mud Pie (Mint is Alicia’s favorite)
Whole grains
Newman’s Own Organics
Dairy-Free Newman-O’s cookies
Luna Bar (Alicia likes the chocolate peppermint stick flavor
Alicias recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies

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