Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Organic Skin And Body

Fig Soap > LUSH
Sea Vegetable Soap>LUSH
I Should Coco Soap>LUSH
I also believe in using the very best for your skin and body too. Trader Joe's makes a nice hand milled lavender soap @ $4.95 for a huge chunk that will last a long while and fresh handmade soaps by LUSH work wonders too! So just be more aware what you put in and on your body. Check out these handmade, cruelty free products from Lush, I actually use these and I love the coconut bar with the pieces of coconut at the end because it will make your skin smooth especially great on dry winter feet :) These products are made from like 3 or 4 wholesome ingredients, NO acids and irritants! PURE! I have ultra sensitive skin so I always used good stuff for my face, but I am getting older and the moisture is harder to keep in but the trick is in the exfoliation. LADIES YOU NEED TO EXFOLIATE! or your moisturizer can't get in! My routine works for me but sometimes dullness sets in, but there are going to be those days when you feel worn out, that is what The Body Shop's pink iridescent blush is for! :) In the meantime a wise and wonderful esthetician that I used to work with, told me that it is almost always better to use a pure extra virgin olive oil or 100% pure Aloe as moisturizer, they will only help heal and soothe your skin and I do take that advice. You can also use a yummy smelling apricot oil from Burt's Bees which has to be my favorite because it has such a delicious smell :) LUSH is affordable you get a really big chunk of soap for $8 bucks, and the people who work there are really nice and usually will let you get a little more for your buck :)
They have solid hair soap that lasts a long time and is easier on your hair!

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