Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bio Shock Love

Well today is just a lazy day since I filled my exercises quota for the week. The snow is so pretty but I hate to shovel! I am inspired by the snow, I love to see children playing and sledding with their parents. I love hot chocolate with the hubster and cuddling with my furies. I got something a bit unconventional for Valentines, well this is because I am not typical, it was a video game lol for PlayStation 3! It is called Bio Shock and it is a wonderfully inspirational game, I think I finally found my style, you more accomplished artists gals know what I mean its when you find yourself drawing something that feels good and appeals to you so much that you may change it up but the first layer are consistent. For me, I find myself making paintings that are vibrantly colored that look like they were found washed up on a black sand beach somewhere. I am fascinated by the mysterious nature of water so therefore recreate my homage by making faux patinas and worn backgrounds. I guess this is why I love Steampunkish/Bioshockish things from art to jewelry. So this is why I think my paintings will always be different than many other styles out there. I think my personality attributes to this as well...................... LOL I mean I never saw that sign, that you have to check your personality at the door. Me, I never fit into that small little box, I always say it is because I am way too voluptuous LOL :) Omg my mom has got me watching the Bachelor and I swear I want to vomit, no no literally LOL I mean c'mon why are they all like 23 and size 0, I really hate that and then the man because he is always older of course because we all know that when your 30 you are over the hill for Hollywood anyways he is so shocked it doesn't work is not the fact these girls are young but they all seem to be handpicked from Never Never Land where they were the object of every ones attention and they all come from wonderful families and have this really bratty and naivety that is anything but charming. it is enough to make a normal gal want to vomit so their it is, my sentiment on that matter. Well my hubby also did appeal to my sweet side YES I do have one of those too LOL with gorgeous black Swarovski hoop crystal earrings, they are sooooo sparkly its ridiculous!

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