Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bedford Ave & Hello All

The view from my park, I can see the lights of the city.
I love Williams burg Brooklyn, I love the vibe that they have going on there, there are so many wonderful places to visit there. Now that it will begin to get warmer I think it is a great place for me to go and try to peddle my artistic wares. I have started doing assemblage art and have taken a few customized projects on, so that's why I haven't been around much and Oh yes, also my laptop needs a new battery and I had all my important art programs and ART classes on that computer, so it really sucks not to be able to watch my art classes when I want! Especially Moss Hill Studios and Suzi Blu's
TAKE IT FROM ME BACK YOUR COMPUTER UP SO THAT YOU WILL NEVER EVER LOOSE ANYTHING VALUABLE! I will be back soon with pics and a few new things to report as well......................Stay Tuned as the saga continues :) And enjoy the warm weather coming up and Happy St Patty's Day in Advance !!!!

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