Friday, March 26, 2010


Busy Bee!
Yes that has been me as of late I will begin doing flea markets throughout Brooklyn in the coming months! I made some really great "different" art pieces so I am pleased and I feel I am now ready to do this. I think it has allot to do with the beautiful weather, I just want to be out there among the people :)
I have altered dolls, assemblage art and all sorts of cool jewelry. My hubby has even been working on some new cool things with me to sell, he is so talented! I am working really hard right now to promote myself so I am looking to get everything set up and book shows and appearances for May.
I think there are always politics involved in everything in New York to do any good fleas you have to have a sales tax id, of course Uncle Slam wants in on my itty bitty sales. Anyways it is what it is, or than I will be selling at Church basements, which is not my niche! This stupid thing held me back for a long time and no more. I want a real business where there are lots of people and that's at the bigger fleas in Ny, so this girl is going to try to make it there because then I can make it anywhere :) Silly And another thing I want to bitch about is the huge price tag to actually sell at these flea markets these days $100 a day is allot to a newly forming small business! I have been to fleas and have paid $40, but I hate to say this, you will get what you pay for.............. this is why I am a bit weary now when something is affordable which is messed up. I know I will find something perfect for me out there.

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