Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feathery Head Bands &Taking Care Of Stuff

Not much going on today, I am just drinking some cafe and then I will be working on my closet today............. I vowed to look cute even when I am at home alone and no one can see me, but I see me and when you feel good, I swear you become more motivated. No more ugly, stained, old sweats in the house. I got a few pairs of inexpensive leggings and I wear them with these sweet hot pink slipper boots. I feel pretty wearing stuff like that, and I also am a sucker for comfort. What the hell is the point of this life if you are going to hoard all the good stuff for special occasions or for this or that.............. wouldn't that be really sad if we became ill or worse yet died and then wouldn't be able to enjoy them anymore? I think so! So let's all realize as much and move in the right direction ladies. I also believe that when you do buy something beautiful, take care of it, I hate when I see people not taking care or their stuff and just think everything is so replaceable. Today I will be cleaning all my boots with shoe polish, and repairing and sewing 2 pairs of pants. I also want to make my own one of a kind headband for my hair. I got some feathers so I will see if I can do this myself, if not I am getting my headband from this shop! LOL This Etsy shop has some wonderful items for the hair at great prices, go take a look for yourself :)

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