Friday, November 20, 2009

Blondie & Feather Bands

I was a brunette but wanted to play a Blondie for a little while. 9/10 times I hate the way pics look of me but I like these, probably because they are a bit airy fairy or whimsical if you will. My hair does look better when it was done but who the hell has an hr to blow out the hair everyday. I usually use hot rollers they work wonders!
I made some art today including a really cool head band, I am not quite done yet with it but it already looks good. I really love Hair Jewels, I usually make them myself but there were a few I saw on Etsy that I just had to get my hands on!!!
What can I say I guess I have a little show girl in me............Don't we all :)
Dreaming up my next art project :)
This will be customized with an M, of course!

This is for New Years, I already have plans, but I have a bigger and sparklier rhinestone that I want to add :)

Sometimes I just can't resist, I think these would look great with a nice pair of jeans and an aubergine velour blazer that I have...............perfect for date night with the hubby :)

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