Thursday, November 19, 2009


Glitter Graphics
The Micro delivery Exfoliating Wash from Philosophy is spectacular! The Cinnamon Bun body gel makes you crave cookies LOL Love it!
I am getting back into a healthy lifestyle so the smell of sweets is enough for me, no more processed sugars for me. I am taking care of myself these days, hence the actual spending time and money on myself......... Oh yes I did :) and I do NOT feel guilty..... I feel good and it has motivated me to look in the mirror and pull myself together and want to achieve my goals because I deserve to. I got my hair did, oh yes, it looks great, I am now a Drew Barrymore blond, same haircut as this month's InStyle cover. I got some cool new trinkets with skully love that I posted and I am going to get some new makeup next week to go with my new cool colored hair. I have loved Benefit cosmetics for years now and love their foundation play sticks, they are the best because they are light and cream, my color is spin-the-bottle. For a soft glow, use Hoola bronzer blush. I always used their lip stain benetint too, which is another great product

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