Monday, November 16, 2009

We Want A Camper!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I both need some adventure in our lives so we are working toward getting a camper!!!! And it was HIS idea!!!! I always thought it would be cool to just pick up and go.......... and yeah if ya know me well enough you know that I always wanted to live in wide open spaces :) We have seen some really nice trailers that had like two bedrooms and all that hoopla but they cost like 50,000+, we don't need all that, we just want a clean, safe place to eat, sleep and shower while we are on our hiking and antiquing get aways. So some trailers aren't that expensive, and I have seen some really nice used trailers for like $10,000. Check out some cool ones here We figure it will be a good way to go on more getaways and in the long run save some money. We love exploring new places and I just find the idea of sitting by a fire in the middle of nowhere healing :) Especially living in the city. I wonder if financing is available for trailers, I mean, probably right? After all it is like buying a vehicle, but better :)

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