Monday, November 23, 2009

Applications! Some Jewels On Display

My old booth in Florida I used to set it up every weekend! I started out making wreaths and simple glass necklaces that sold really well. I was steps from the beach! Those were the days. Some glass jewelry that I made. Some awesome earrings too!
I got all my paperwork for the renewal of my license Yay! Getting paid biweekly here I come. It will be nice to return to getting a semi decent paycheck ( I used to make almost 2,000 a month) which isn't too bad! Cna's definitely don't always have it made, most days you need to be physically and mentally tough, I am a sensitive person and had to take some time away to recharge.............. but I think this is a job that I need that will give me flexibility and will allows me to go further because most facilities will pay for school. I have so many things I want to do I will just do it one day at a time one step at a time. When you are financially secure their are many more options and directions you can go in. I am taking some jewelry classes in January and by that time I should have all my crap together and be working already. I usually try to get the 7-3 shift, which is a bit more difficult than the others in my opinion (I have done them all) but of course it is wonderful, because you are out by 3! LOL You have the whole day still to yourself. We'll see what happens. I also would like to do more shows and get back to doing them every weekend like I used to, so much fun and that was my job my Dream job come true, then I moved back to NY and it is way harder to do all these fun shows because they are soooo expensive and I have to have all this paperwork which of course leads to even more money out the window into the governments pocket, but anyways I think in order to truly live to my full potential I have to try again to make my Dreams work!

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