Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Hanging Out :)

I love art supplies here are the latest, vintage gemstone beads they have character and an un believable sparkle. I have been too busy making stuff to post, but I wanted to show you guys some new jewelry really soon :)
I was on vacation with the husband and we had a few mini road trips and had lots of relaxation. I have a little more time before I go back to work so in the mean time, I am just having fun creating art and jewelry........ and trying to put my home in the order it needs to be in.
Most of my days consist of the usual mundane boring tasks that most of you all, can relate to........... and then art happens so in those few hours that I do create, I make the magic that I need in my life. Why not I say, who is going to make magic for you in your life if not yourself :)
I love making beautiful things.
Told ya all I was a bead junkie.....This will be an Indian themed necklace with lots of ruby gemstones and golden sparkles everywhere.............HA those who think my style is gaudy just don't understand that I was a Queen in a past life LOL :)
Summer Sentiments:
I love the summer the world seems to be on Pause. I love Iced Tea on the back patio. I enjoy just watching the little birds flying all around and gathering their worms. I love the smell of mint in my garden during the day and sweet jasmine at night. I love the BBQ's and family gatherings. I love cake :) I love the fact that each day holds a new beginning. I love to stop and yes I actually smell those roses. I love that my past has made me strong. I love that my hair has a few strands of grey, so what who cares all it means is that you actually have the privilege of getting older, a gift not everyone gets. I love when I am happy because I can make others happy around me. I love sitting on the swings in the park with my husband and talking about our dreams. I just love the small simple beautiful moments in between just living life. I love the ocean and I love driving my Dad's boat. I love the solitude that I feel when I am out on the water. I love listening to music and dancing even if I look silly. I enjoy smoking a clove cigarette now and again and love the Pina Coladas. I don't want to hit the play button on the world. I wish the summer to last just a little longer.

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