Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Can One Make $$$ While Being Artsy?

I am still crafting like crazy :) I will be taking all my goods to some shops at the beginning of next month to see if they want to buy my stuff or if I can put them on consignment. I was unsure about allot of things in my life, and things are starting to clear up for me because of my renewed faith in God in whom I think, will help to guide me in my journey. I always have had some trouble trusting in myself but I now believe that I am capable of so much more. Sometimes you can't see your own special gifts and mine are that I am a really good and compassionate person and that is the best thing a person can be, in my opinion. I am in a learning stage in my life right now and I am not going to get discouraged whatever comes my way. I am trying to dream up some ways to make some $$$ in the creative feild.
Any Ideas?
I would love feedback :)

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