Thursday, April 23, 2009

Upstate........... My Wonderland

Let me warn ya it is that time O' the month and the hormones are flowing, my hubby brought me home a little cake and I THREW IT AT HIM LOL because it was not chocolate!!!!.........I did it with humor as I do mostly everything, I am the Lucy Ricardo character, so we had a chuckle and I thanked him and happily ate my marble coffee cake with some ice cappuccino :)
I am trying to build my credit up, like everyone else these days. I need a better car water fills inside whenever it rains on the driver side ( like I actually had to bail water out with a coffee can ) I still want to keep that car because she still runs pretty good, so I am going to weather strip it. I want to get another car anyways so me and the hubby both could have a car and not worry about scheduling work stuff around each other. Which is a bit annoying. I hate that money makes it all go round. I hate credit scores, I mean, why can't it be like it used to be,
Hi there, I am going to pay you this money to get that item that I want. Yes, I will be paying you Right Now and I will be taking my purchase home with me Today. Oh, Oh no I do not have enough of this green stuff, that must only mean one thing I will have to come back when I do have enough. Thanks have a good day. Simple enough right?
I understand that because of inflation, they had to come up with a new system where people could actually thrive and live.....................Here is one for you government fat rats................How about figuring out a way to bring inflation down...............HMMMM we outsource lots of jobs, when our own American people need to work, for instance............. C'mom F**king Dell is a joke........Are you kidding me? REALLY? If anyone has bought anything Dell lately, you know what I mean, just wait if you God forbid have problems with your computer and Good Luck to ya too.
I think this is really one of the reasons I want to live in the country, and have a crazy amount of privacy. I long for simplicity, maybe one day when I had enough of all the bullshit, I will grow a pair, LOL and just make the move upstate.

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