Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Winner & Paper Strip Art? Cris Angel Believe

I won $150.00 Yay! Slot machines are so fun when ya win! Well for me it's big!!! LOL :) I had wanted to get some new paints so I was able to do that and the rest will be spent on a new haircut. My hair is curly and when it has a shape it looks good and it is pretty easy to care for but when it hasn't been cut I am like a wild crazy haired child :) Oh and I got something to put all my new paints in and it rotates it was like $15 and well worth it because there is nothing worse than rummaging through all your stuff when you are painting. Having just gotten back from Las Vegas my mom and I aren't big gamblers we set an amount and that's it, and we like playing penny machines Yup they have penny machines too :) There was a show there that was called La Reve which is The Dream and it was done in water almost like a water play. It was a girl who has a dream and a fantastical journey all at once :)
I would really like to go see Cris Angel's Believe with Cirque Du Soleil, I love magic and illusions, the costumes are indescribable, and it was put together so well. The melodic music a Jack Sparrowish Cris Angel, who is easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either. I think this is a must see
I saw something so interesting on the show That's Clever on HGTV it is a wonderful show on at about 8am. I Tevo it there was a lady, who made big beautiful "paintings"out of all different strips of paper, she made a landscape with trees and even shaded in some areas using the different colors of paper as well. She used paper confetti in beautiful colors for dimension it was truly amazing! I want to try this.

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