Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Women Use Your Strengths!!! Make $$$$$$

Simply stated sounds simple right? Well not if you putter around wasting time and over planning. I think we as women have to start putting our hands in business alot more than we do. I think we women already have a lot on our plate and feel or sometimes are made to feel like we have nothing else to offer. But we do!
I am speaking from my own experience when I say that I have done things like help to plan party or cook food for a large BBQ for family. FREE!!!!
I mean that could be a catering service and a party planning business. I mean it is all up to you!
Take these strengths and crate your own hype........
We all go food shopping, print flyer's post them to the community board there, ask someone if they would let you tape one up where it can be seen by all. Always Be Nice :)
I have some jewelry in a beautiful little store Stella Gialla at Atlas Park, and for me, I am going to try to get my jewelry, in more stores. The name of the game is Hustle. It is okay to make money, these days it is survival.
A smile can get you really far. Some shops really don't mind putting your biz card on their counter, some do, which is OK that is their prerogative. Just ask, I promise it will surprise you.
Here are some new pretties, that I will make and turn into some fabulous jewelry fit for a Goddess. I will keep you posted.

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