Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yay! I Feel Happy!!! Stampington & Company Rocks!

I do! I do! I think I have been looking at things all wrong! I really am happy and fortunate and I feel crafty again too! Maybe it is all the cool stuff that I got. I really think I am ready to let my inner Diva Goddess Queen out! I think my problem was over thinking and not living in the moment always preoccupied about if I really going to nursing school or how would life be in my country home instead of BIG HELLO that I am not at that point yet and I need to live now! Not when I do this this and that NOW!!!!! I feel like I was trying to put it all on my shoulders LOLOL how silly of me, things find ways of working out or sometimes not on their own all I can do is be positive and keep my heart light and answers will come and they did for me and now I feel like I am FREE Get the new issue of Stampington I promise it is well worth the $8.00! Danita is in there, she is so fabo and there are free little treats in there for all of us to use. I have to say I love Paper Dolls and they have so many dolls made with just such wonderful odds and ends stamps, laces, jewels embellish to make them truly OOAK There is even a Marie Antoinette publication dedicated to her, as a french Mademoiselle, I just have to have that too!

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