Monday, March 16, 2009

New Altered At Soon

I got some great ol' vintage bric/brac coming my way, so many to even name but I will show ya when I get my packages and then I will be ready to make my assemblages. I found some more vintage fabrics that belonged to my grandmother the seamstress to the stars, literally. She worked for Osar De La Renta for 20 years and Ole Cassini before that. She was amazing, she saw all the greats and was a no nonsense type of lady who could care less that Grace Kelly or Marilyn were waiting to be fitted. I probably would have been asking for autographs and not been able to carry on with my work, it is a good thing I don't work around stars. LOL My grandmother, she always had lots of fabric laying around, because she was always busy working on things for me. I miss her but I still have lots of reminders of her and that makes me happy. I have alot of fabric and unfortunately I don't sew, so I will sell them on Ebay or Etsy, it is a shame to let it go to waste and with the money I get, I decided to save, so I can continue my education and become an LPN and eventually an RN. Even though she is no longer here I still feel like she was my inspiration and I loved her so so much I want to make her happy, and I just know that would :) I am going to keep the vintage laces that I found , because they are just so pretty with a tinge of brown on the edges from age, but I will add some to my altered dolls, so I will always remember my grandmother when I look at them :)

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