Friday, March 20, 2009

Spoons? Verdigris Metal? Espresso Pots? Heh?

So I am still gathering my altered art supplies and it is so much fun! Who knew that perhaps an old espresso pot might make a body for some fabulously sparkled altered dolly head. That's where I am at right now, way out there, just trying to declutter around the house and see what I can keep and what I will toss. I think I will be starting another Etsy shop for vintage stuff because I have more than I thought. I think anyone making altered art should check out this book because it is wonderful. I t will show you how to make unusual jewelry to really great little shrines and all types of whimsies. This book is Magic! Here is the link to get to Amazon
All we crafty gals need is some good ol' ideas to make something brilliant, something to jog our creative juices a switch to creativity if you will. I mean look at this fab cover she uses old beautifully verdigris metals for a gorgeous necklace and spoons for heaven sakes! We can add spoons to out altered art for a new vintage retro look. I plan to spend some much needed time in my studio next week and I hope to have some cool pieces to show ya.

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