Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Got My Own Style

Today I went to my Aunt & Uncle's 85th & 95th Birthday Party! Where does the time go? I am close to them, so I still don't see them as old. This is a surprise party and they both were very surprised! There was about 50 people there some that I have not seen in so many years. That was fun :) I made my aunt a pretty necklace with pretty stones that glitter :) She is a very glittery lady, she always wares heels, skirts and of course a fabulous red lipstick
I have to say, I usually don't get dressed up, because I opt for comfort, but now I am learning you can still look good and be comfy. I wore a stylish silk shirt with white organic looking vertical stripes which felt amazing and soft, I hate some fabrics that make you itchy or hot, not silk it's beautiful and lays right on the body. My comfy pants, a pretty tailored plush velveteen jacket and streamlined white sneakers that have skulls and all kinds of cool print and curlicues in black. A chunky gold medallion finished the look. My makeup was classic with red lipstick and a bit of blush, with a modern messy chignon. I got some pics so I will post soon :)

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