Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making Art Boxes & Coraline!

Finally sat my ass down and made stuff yesterday, so today or rather tonight I will hopefully finish my art boxes that I made along with a polymer clay doll. We will see what happens, it was so much fun making these boxes! I will post pics tomorrow :) I was very inspired by Nancy and Kellie These ladies are it, if you want to learn how to make paper dolls and clay dolls. I even got Nancy's book which was great! I also starting to make my own paper dolls and using unconventional things like pictures of makeup, think like those ads for eye shadow like MAC from magazines, for the body..... I will show you what I mean :) Anyways check out these wonderful ladies! I went to Micheal's and got gorgeous stickers from K & Company Oh My Goodness! I am in love with them. So I got some matching papers too and all kinds of goodies, they were on sale so I just got what I wanted. Oh well :) Coraline was fabulous, so magical that is really all I have to say. This movie is such a keeper and I look foreword to adding it to my personal collection.

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