Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspirations & A Little Magic

I have so many great ideas for art. I got some great new collages from Retro Cafe Art, what a wonderful shop, they have everything you need to make altered art. Anyways I plan to make some beautiful art tomorrow. So many things inspire me sometimes I just get so overwhelmed that I don't feel like doing anything! LOL Oh well sometime ya just need to be a TV zombie! I soo love Coraline by Neil Gaiman, he is really wonderful, all his books have a magical twist. Stardust and The Wall are also good choices from this author. When this movie comes out I am so there and I am forcing my husband to go too, us and screaming children, that's what I call romantic :) LOL
I have a few really fabulous assemblage ideas that involve arms and legs :) I really love "crazy" and "chaotic" art the kind where your eyes are constantly searching for more eye candy! I love movies that are like that too which is why I am loving Coralinesque themes. Think Nightmare before Christmas with the same magical enchantment with a deeper darker story. To stay in the Other World, where you get everything you wish for, you must always have the lastest fashion, why black buttons over your eyes dear, it won't hurt a bit. Now come here darling, and sit still :) How many times have we all felt like we have blinders on and couldn't see what was really important ...........until it was too late. This summer I want to go back and sell more of my art at Artists And Fleas in Brooklyn and I want to start thinking about what art classes that I want to teach. I guess that may be a good place to start to have my own art program............I know in my heart that I can do it and that is such a dream of mine, just something keeps holding me back from pursuing my dreams. I think I need my own little bag of pixie dust to take away the fears :)

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