Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello Art Ladies

I had a wonderful weekend, my sister came to visit me and we made art collages together, it was sooo much fun! She made one with fairies and beautiful things and the other was darker with cool broken hearts and a few Love Sucks here and there :) it was so cool. I have those pics and the pics of my ornaments, they came out really sweet. My collage came out okay too, I did a shabby chic motif, I will post :)
I think I found a way to go about getting to my dreams, of one day opening up my own little art shop. I have some good suggestions and positive feedback that should take me in the right direction. For now, I am going to practice on my family :) It will help me be more prepared and confident for when I do land my Dream Job :)
I have my wonderful glass lamp working this Saturday, I haven't been doing any jewelry lately, I have been really trying to concentrate with the lovely classes I am taking now, and making more wonderful mixed media art.

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