Thursday, November 27, 2008

Natural Remedies

Lavendar oils that can be rubbed into the temples in a circular motion if you have a bad headache or tension. The smell of citrus oils will give you a pick me up Bay leaf tea, will definatly soothe an upset :( stomach. Tea Tree Oil works wonders on blemishes. Curb an astma attack by inhaling from a jar of honey ( I would love to see if that one really worked maybe the smell of the honey does something calming, who knows ) An apple a day may keep the doctor away, it is said that an apple can help treat depression and unbalanced moods and settle an upset stomach. Apple tea with milk and honey is said to be effective in helping to restore your mental health. Peppermint not only sweetens the breath, but it soothes an upset tummy.....I actually dried some mint from the garden, and try to drink it each night, it is also said to be used for weightloss, because it flushes out toxins. I love natural remedies as if you couldn't tell :) and often use them to treat myself if I have something minor, I think that in conjunction to going to the doctors regularly that herbal remedies can be very benificial. I also want to share this one for dry winter skin....... I have really dry skin, especially during cold winter months and I use natural oils as a moisturizer. I like it because it absorbs right into my skin and leaves a little healthy sheen. You can try Burt Bees line which has the Apricot oil which smells heavenly and you can add a little in the bath , or carrot creme which is more creamy if that's what you like, these are natural products that really work! I love Burt Bees, they even have a Goddess soap :) Everything else just irratates my skin, so this is great for super sensitive skin.

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