Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soy In Candles, Smoothies Even Crayons!

These candles are from Aren't these wonderful! I always loved the wonderful scents of the holiday seasons, rich and inviting. Right now I have a sweet soy candle combo of French Vanilla/Banana Nut Bread, and the smell is amazing! I love candles that last and soy candles definitely last the longest. I made my very own candle and guess what, it was sooo easy to do, and now I have a wonderful treat to light up when the day calls for some sweetness. Here is a great website that makes it easy and remember, you can make any scented candle you want, think of the possibilities! I think these are a great inexpensive, handmade gift for the holidays. They also make crayons now that have soy wax, so they are less harmful to children and color goes on smoother, I have to check that out. Have fun creating! This website has everything soy and since I have been cutting back on sugar for a while I have tried a few recipes including an awesome Strawberry smoothie and I will include that as well. So try something new everyone you may be pleasantly surprised!

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